Choosing Legal Counsel that Has Your Best Interests at Heart

1Being charged with a federal crime differs significantly than charges brought at the municipal, county, or state level. Federal crimes often carry with them much harsher penalties and could result in an accused individual being sentenced to life in prison or even the death penalty, depending on the nature of the crime. Because you could have much to lose if you are found guilty of a federal offense, it is imperative that you choose representation like a competent law firm or a skilled Detroit criminal lawyer who has seen the inside of a federal courtroom and has what it takes to advocate for you successfully. Before you select an attorney, however, you may take some factors into mind.

Qualifications to Represent You

As noted, you want an attorney who has experience going to federal court, arguing in front of a judge and jury, and winning cases for his or her clients. Your attorney’s track record in court could indicate what chances you stand when your own case goes before the judge or jury.

You can find out the attorney’s track record and learn much more about this individual by setting up a meeting with your prospective counsel. Setting up the meeting can be as easy as filling out the online form found on the website. The form asks for details like your name and contact number, as well as any additional details about your case that you can provide.

You can also use the website to read testimonials from clients who have used the attorney’s services in the past. By reading that former clients were well represented in court and enjoyed successful resolutions to their own cases, you may decide to proceed with retaining the legal representation you need in court.

Federal Cases

Also as noted, federal cases typically involve more serious crimes that carry much harsher penalties. These crimes can range from selling drugs to kidnapping, as well as carjacking, extortion, and even murder.

It is crucial that the judge and jury hear every last detail that could prove your innocence in the case. With a competent attorney helping you build your case, you can be assured that every scrap of evidence that could exonerate you will be gathered and presented in court.

Being charged in federal court is a serious matter. You can get legal help today by contacting a skilled attorney.